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Giulia’s Background

Giulia is the Early Interventions Consultant and Senior Interventionist at Milestones Matter. She is trained in many of the approaches in use for early interventions and she is constantly researching effective methodologies that can fit best with her clients’ needs.

She has worked extensively, for nearly 20 years, in many Early Interventions with families with different presentations and age groups (0-21), across the UK and Internationally.

She has carried out all her University studies in London and had the pleasure of studying in some of the best institutions in the field for interventions including the Tavistock and Portman and the Institute of Education. She holds a BSc in Social Sciences and Psychology; a Postgraduate in Psychotherapy and Counselling, a Postgraduate in Child Adolescent and Family Mental Wellbeing; a MSc in Psychology and a MSc in Psychology of Education. She is currently researching for her Doctoral level studies.

Giulia has a strong understanding of the complexity of family dynamics, mental health needs, developmental stages (0-18), the impact of delays/disabilities on families and the struggles families go through when the communication with children breaks down. She presents with a clear insight to the types of support families need during emotionally complex experiences.

Giulia made us aware of the dynamics of our family situation, the weaknesses of some of our parenting skills and the kind of help we needed for the children’s best development. We found the observation stages and feedback very helpful. The catalogue of detailed observations showed us what was really happening and what was really needed to improve the situation. Giulia gained the respect of our family through her observations and intervention. Giulia has strong observing skills, she always thinks about what might be behind a behaviour, has a mentoring style rather than teaching, has a compassionate approach and is keen to help parents make decisions which give better outcomes. She also knows when to intervene appropriately and uses incidents as a point of learning. The intervention Giulia developed and supervised for us exceeded all our expectations.

Milestones Matter Client, UK