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‘Milestones Matter’ packages of intervention are tailored and developed around each family’s needs so fees vary greatly depending on the type of intervention required. As Each family has different requirements all packages of Interventions are individually created and priced.

Packages include different stages and different types of support/input, some example of these are:

Stage 1. Initial Consultation

Milestones Matter Consultant and the parents will have an initial conversation, usually by phone, to establish the family’s needs and to confirm how we could assist you. Following this, we will arrange an initial face to face consultation to discuss in detail your situation.

Stage 2. Observations and Report

Stage 3. Individually Tailored Intervention Plan: Initial Planning and Protocol specific to the needs of your family and child

Stage 4. Coordination and Supervision of the Milestones Matter designed Early Intervention

Stage 5. Periodical Intervention’s Review

Ongoing/on-off stage. Guidance and Training for families and carers/nannies/staff

Ongoing/on-off stage. Ongoing emotional and strategic support