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Clients we work with:

  • Families with children in the early years (0 to 5) with developmental delays and early developmental disorders
  • Families with children (0 to 16) presenting with emotional, behavioural, developmental difficulties
  • Parents of children (0 to 16) in need of positive parenting strategies
  • Parents of teenagers
  • Nuclear families and Single-Parent families
  • Adoptive families
  • Families facilitated by donors
  • Parents experiencing child to adult abuse –  CPVA
  • Any families in need of emotional support & parenting advice


At Milestones Matter we believe that, in particular when it comes to development and families’ dynamics, the best setting for learning and implementing changes is the natural setting of the child/family, so interventions are home and school based.

We work across London, the UK and Internationally including Europe and the Middle East.