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What We Do

At Milestones Matter we work together with each family, developing bespoke Early Interventions to cover all aspects in need of attention, providing an inclusive, supportive intervention that can be shaped around the routines of each family, in their natural setting.
We believe in providing families not just with the practicalities of a programme to follow, but also with an ongoing emotional support, explaining professionals’ jargon and simplifying the whole procedure as much as possible. We then create a tailored intervention based on the families’ needs and support the family and any supporting staff to follow the programme.
In the case of parents struggling with the parent/child dynamic, such as struggles with challenging behaviours or the complexity of the teenagers’ years, we provide interventions to promote positive communication and positive changes in the patterns of their behaviour.

At Milestones Matter Giulia is the leading Consultant and Senior Interventionist to develop and supervise most interventions.

As nor two interventions are the same the collaboration
with other professionals varies depending on the needs/requirements of each family.

The Services We Provide

  • Early Years (0-5) Interventions for Families with children presenting developmental delay and early developmental disorders
  • Early Intervention to support and guide families experiencing emotional, behavioural and psychological challenges in the parent-child (0-16) relationship with specifically-focused parent support and solutions focused approach.
  • Training and ongoing support to members of families and members of staff (i.e. nannies)

The following services are available:

  • Stage 1. Initial Consultation
  • Stage 2. Observations and Report
  • Stage 3. Individually Tailored Intervention Plan: Initial Planning and Protocol specific to the needs of your family and child
  • Stage 4: Coordination and Supervision of the Milestones Matter designed Early Intervention
  • Stage 5: Periodical Intervention’s Review
  • Guidance and Training for families and carers/nannies/staff
  • Ongoing emotional and strategic support

We want to be sure each family receives the most effective service to reflect their needs. If You are not sure about the type of help your family might require please do get in touch and we can discuss your needs to find the best solution for You.