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At Milestones Matter we provide tailored interventions for children, adolescents, and families presenting with emotional, behavioral and/or developmental difficulties.

After nearly 20 years of working in the field of families’ interventions Giulia Pintus has founded Milestones Matter to help:

  • Parents who are struggling with parenting
  • Families with children presenting with developmental delays in the early years and early developmental disorders
  • Families struggling in the parent-child (0-16) relationship.

Our approach is highly individualised to meet each family’s needs and beliefs. Milestones Matter philosophy is that each family is unique and therefore each intervention needs to be tailored specifically around the family’s specifics needs.

At Milestones Matter we create individualised interventions to support not just the child, but the whole family at a time when effective help is needed to cope with and overcome a difficult situation.

Our Mission:

  • To develop attentive and sophisticated individually tailored Interventions
  • To promote positive constructive support to families in need of Early Interventions
  • To respect the individuality of each child and the uniqueness of each family
  • To deliver clear and accessible interventions to families
  • To unlock each child potential
  • To support a family in its wholeness

Our Goals:

  • To support families’ mental and emotional wellbeing
  • To improve families’ dynamics
  • To improve the opportunities to reach milestones
  •  To promote gaining a sense of control over overwhelming events
  •  To empower and educate parents
  • To empower and educate children
  • To strengthen family bonds